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Fostering Kittens

Thoughts on fostering kittens -- from initial feedings & socialization to finding the perfect "forever home"!

Kitten Marketing

Sometimes the hardest part about fostering is finding that "forever home." Here are some techniques that have worked well for me...


Something that definitely helps is having *really* cute photos of the kitty to post & send out. At minimum, I've found I need at least three uber-cute, melt-your-heart pictures to do a good "marketing" push. (I usually like to have 3 as a teaser and then a whole small picasaweb album to link to if I can.)

If no one in your household has photography skillz, you can either get a photographically-inclined friend to come over and take pictures, or just take LOTS of photos and you'll eventually find 3 really good ones.

Examples: Darla, Pekoe, Timber

The first two were taken by a friend with real skills. The third one is me with a basic point-and-shoot; just taking lots of photos and getting lucky eventually.


Use all the networks available to you, but use them wisely! Reposting = bad. Too much communication means no one reads your future missives. 
At work, I posted to the pet-owners list, the for sale list, and occasionally even to a broader location-wide misc list.
It really helps to have them at work for a day, so people can come by and play with them. But make sure EVERYONE around you is OK with it before bringing them in -- you don't want an allergy freakout. ;^)