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Benjie's Christmas Present

Merry Christmukah 2010!

I have one gift for you that won't fit under a tree. 

No, it's not a helicopter. (Where would we park it, after all?) But it is a helicopter ride! 

I have booked us one private helicopter ride with my Google friend Colin, who happens to be a helicopter pilot. He'll take us on any Bay Area flight path you choose -- just let me know what you want to see and he'll take us there!

We can go whenever you want, I figure we'll try to aim for a clear day to avoid lots of fog. We can go now, in the winter (no fog, but better chance of getting rained out), or save it for post-snowboarding season if you don't want to schedule any weekends that could be potential big powder days. It's up to you! But whenever we go, it'll just be you, me, Colin, and his instructor; no big tour groups. Yay!

Love ya!