I love to travel. Herein is an attempt to actually document some of the joy that travelling has given me.


This past year, we spent 6 months living abroad. Our travel blog is here, with links to loooots of photos!
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I'm slooooowly working on writing up all our restaurant recommendations for various cities and posting 'em on the Recommendations page. It's a long process. We eat a lot when we travel. =^)


Ben requested a food log for my current Singapore trip, so he can live vicariously. So here we go, my flog for Singapore, April 2010!

Lunch: Char Kway Teow and fresh soy milk from booths in the Amoy hawker centre.
Dinner: Hainanese Chicken Rice from a hole-in-the-wall on North Bridge Road. So good, I almost forgot to put chili sauce on it.
Lunch: Miso ramen with veggies from the place near work. Very fresh noodles.
Dinner: Tomato noodle soup (with egg and veggies), steamed fresh dumplings, and a red bean pancake from jollybean!
Lunch: Green curry veggies with lots of little cute eggplants in it.
Dinner: Chili Hainanese chicken rice, and another jollybean red bean pancake slice (oh so yums)
Brekkie: raspberry scone
Lunch: Chinese-style dry ramen with mushrooms and chili sauce; side of chicken consomme
Dinner: Din Tai Fung fest with Thomas and Rohnsin! "Wine chicken" (shanghai specialty, says Rohnsin), dry noodles, two-tofus noodle soup, steamed yam buns that were actually taro, red bean buns, a veggie bun, and of course, soup dumplings. I seriously had the most beautifully-folded soup dumpling I've ever seen! And after trying to learn to fold 'em myself, I'm even more impressed.
Lunch: A surprisingly fillingly huge bowl of pho tai. We didn't even eat the goi con we ordered, there was so much soup to eat. It almost seemed like a trick bowl; it didn't look that big but I couldn't finish!
Dinner: La mian! I finally found a place in chinatown that does cheap hand-pulled noodles. The place was a bit showy/touristy, so the noodles were made quickly and were not anywhere near as good as ones we had in Beijing. But they had an actual vegetarian option and fairly decent soup dumplings too. I ate with two lovely people from my walking tour; a retired American couple of Japanese descent from Pasadena who told me stories of being interned during WWII when they were kids. Wow.
Breakfast & Lunch: The Great Singapore Food Tour. OMG. (Photoblog coming later this weekend.)

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