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Deep Fry

Deep Fry X Highlights:
  • Scotch Eggs. A hard-boiled egg wrapped in spicy sausage meat rolled in breadcrumbs and tossed into the fryer. Mad props to Emilio for handmaking them!
  • Mini waffles. Thanks to Becca and Jed! Extra gold stars to Connor, who then took two mini waffles, put marshmallow fluff in the middle, coated the whole thing in funnel cake batter, and deep fried it. Wow. Way better than the deep fried twinkie!
  • Homemade potato chips. Ann & Neal carefully julienned potatoes...boy were they good with some spicy powder on 'em afterwards.
  • Our first explosion! Connor made a donut out of funnel cake batter, but it had an air bubble in it and it exploded. It was hilarious, but only because no one suffered any lasting damage. ;^)

Deep Fry Fest IX big hits were:
  • persimmon crepes (crepes filled with marinated persimmons, toothpicked closed and deep fried) - courtesy Mark L.
  • gourmet ravioli (including pear & pecorino cheese ravioli) - courtesy Evan
  • figs stuffed with goat cheese and prosciutto - courtesy Finn
  • parsnips (sliced into rounds) - courtesy Donia
Classics or repeats that worked really well this year:
  • bacon-wrapped fillet mignon balls - courtesy Gem and Carlos
  • twinkies (we bothered to really freeze 'em first)
  • pizza - courtesy Nat and Sarah
Stuff we totally forgot to fry and should remember for next year:
  • frozen balls of chocolate chip cookie dough